Good Soil is a place where I catalog all of my recorded works. I've made a ton of records under different names and released them on different labels over the years. This is a spot where I pull it all together.

 In the catalog there are also releases by a few other artists that I love and have worked with over the years. All of these artists have, at one point, lived in the tiny but amazing town of Frostburg, Md USA and have made major contributions to Good Soil.  To name a few...

Jon Felton and I founded Good Soil  in 2006 so we could release a split 7" called "Orphan Songs" by our bands The RARC and Soulmobile.  We have both used the name "Good Soil Collective" for various things over the years.

Gilbert and Clinton Cochrum  were major contributors to a burst of productivity in 2012 which saw the first two 12" vinyl releases by our bands New God and Red Clover Ghost.

My brothers, Curt Tompkins and Josh Grapes,  have been endlessly supportive of these projects in countless ways.  The three of us currently run another label, Yellow K Records, which releases music from artists all over the world.

Ultimately, Good Soil is a record-label-type-thing that is about music and friendship and doing the work together. I hope you enjoy some of the things we have made.

                                                                                                         Kenny Tompkins